15 septembre 2010

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I finished yesterday evening most of my first batch of a new painting commission: Fallshirmjäger in 15mm. Here is a platoon for BLitzkrieg. They're not varnished yet, because I'm not that sure of my paint job: too much 10mm lately, so, 15mm seems to be harder for me now. This post's goal is simple: give me your advice about the result, because I want them to look really good ( not outstanding, I'm not that good).mercredi étant mon jour de repos (avec la petite à garder n'abusons pas), j'en ai profité hier soir pour me coucher un peu... [Lire la suite]
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13 avril 2010

Vorwärts Grenadiere!

I've been rebasing my ww2 german army since sunday afternoon. At first, I played Flames of war, and I based my units accordingly. But then, I discovered Blitzkrieg. Although basing now is less important than in FOW, I thought I had to do it. For example, a company in Blitzkrieg is modelized with 10 bases, 6 bases of 3 minis (the troops), and 4 command bases of 4 minis (NCO, CiC and attached troops), for a total of 34 miniatures, about the same size as a FOW platoon. So I had more than enough miniatures to play, except... I needed a... [Lire la suite]
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22 janvier 2010

Very fast painting: Churchills

Tonight, I propose a big game for our Normandy campaign. This time, it will be in the British sector. However, the guy whom I needed the most, Jean-Marie, has sold the things I wanted, his churchill tanks. Dang. Ok, no panic, since I have a stock of unpainted ones. I had indeed bought 5 of them a while ago, undercoated them but never got further. So, after a moment spent looking for them, I began my paint job yesterday evening.Ce soir, je fais jouer un gros scénario sur la campagne de Normandie, dans le secteur anglais. Cependant,... [Lire la suite]
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16 octobre 2009

[AAR] Bloody D-Day

Last week we started our Normandy campaign, with a grand opening: a landing AND a para fight. The scenarios were 1/ Gold Beach , Jig sector, and the battle around Ste-Marie du Mont.Pour inaugurer la campagne Normandie, nous avons joué deux scénarios: Gold Beach, et les combats autour de Ste Marie du Mont.Let's start with the landing. After the preleminary bombardment, the "german" garrison, comprised of 2 georgian companies, were pinned down. The first landing approched, with 2 british rifles companies from the 251st... [Lire la suite]
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09 octobre 2009

[WIP] D-Day, H minus 3

Ok, my troops are ready to land tonight! I've just finished flocking the bases, and the game start at 8pm. they will fight for Gold Beach, in the Jig sector, with the support of the 47th Royal Marines commando! Yay! They should fight against poor Georgians. Ah, an easy target... I hope so... We will play with Blitzkrieg, a french set of rules, quite similar to Squad Leader. I'll post the After Action Report soon, I promise.Dans 3 heures, toutes ces troupes vont débarquer... A Gold Beach, secteur Jig, avec l'aide du 47e Royal Marines... [Lire la suite]
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07 octobre 2009

[WIP] D-Day -2

Friday night, I will officially launch a Normandy campaign in my club. The first big scenario is... a landing, on the British side. I already have a company and tanks, but I needed an other one. Well, the task is almost done: the paintig phase is over for my infantry, and I just need to add some detailing (maybe some weathering too if I have the time to do it) to my "heavy" units.18 infantry bases (including the supports). Now, everything they need is a coat of varnish and some flocking...Et voilà. A deux jours du gros... [Lire la suite]
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04 octobre 2009

[WIP] Reinforcements are coming, sir!

I had a very productive day yesterday. I started painting the british rifle company:- brown ink- khaki for the webbing- green for the helmets, mortars and HMGs.I used the brown ink wash from Prince August (the same as the Devland Mud); n°821 for the webbing, and n° 924 for the helmets. Here is the result:       La journée d'hier fut plutôt productive: j'ai commencé à peindre mes Anglais:- encre marron Prince August - paquetage en n° 821- casques en n°924.J'en ai également profité pour... sous-coucher du renfort,... [Lire la suite]
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01 octobre 2009


Today is my 300th post! Wow, I'm quite impressed myself. But I have no time to celebrate. The clock is ticking and my british rifle company won't paint itself. I've decided to go for the taylorist approch, aka speed painting. The minis were glued yesterday, and now they're based! 3" mortarI really like the PIAT in firing positon. the Peter Pig are really great minis. Aujourd'hui, je célèbre mon 300e billet. J'avoue être assez fier de moi, plus de 2 ans de mises à jour. Mais je ne peux m'attarder sur cet exploit, car ma... [Lire la suite]
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26 février 2009

La parade, pour les petits et les grands

On commence la parade avec ce dont je vous avais parlé hier, c'est-à-dire mes Indiens 10mm. De quoi faire deux unités d'infanterie moyenne impact élite, idéal pour accompagner mes Ferdinand... pardon, mes éléphants sur le champ de bataille.Si vous regardez attentivement, vous verrez quelques traces blanches... Non bande de petits pervers, c'est simplement du vernis qui a blanchi, j'ai fait ce que j'ai pu, mais ce ne fut pas parfait. Les jaunes, avec une courageuse ^^Et les Rouges. J'étais moyennement satisfait de ces figs... [Lire la suite]
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23 février 2009

L'un est 1.5 fois plus grand que l'autre, lui même 2.5 fois plus petit que le dernier

Derrière cet énoncé mathématique foireux et super long se cache simplement mes travaux en cours. Commençons par la vue générale: J'avais commencé hier des Allemands Skytrex 15mm, avec un Hetzer et un canon AA quadritube de 20mm.Et j'ai passé la lasure dessus.Du coup, le temps que ça sèche, je suis passé à une Vickers 28mm pour mes Québécois:Et un coup de lasure, mais pas la même (ici chêne foncé). Et comme il faut que ça sèche, j'ai commencé une unité d'infanterie indienne 10mm, qui représentera des Gardes, càd des fantassins... [Lire la suite]
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