15 septembre 2010

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I finished yesterday evening most of my first batch of a new painting commission: Fallshirmjäger in 15mm. Here is a platoon for BLitzkrieg. They're not varnished yet, because I'm not that sure of my paint job: too much 10mm lately, so, 15mm seems to be harder for me now. This post's goal is simple: give me your advice about the result, because I want them to look really good ( not outstanding, I'm not that good).mercredi étant mon jour de repos (avec la petite à garder n'abusons pas), j'en ai profité hier soir pour me coucher un peu... [Lire la suite]
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16 avril 2010

Teasing WW2

Hi everyone. today is the first day of my holidays. I really needed it because I was starting to loose my temper in the classroom; never a good idea before kids. Anyway, my first priority is to relax, before doing some paintjob in my new appartment, painting some minis (more dwarves I think) and, above all, write three after action reports for our Normandy campaign. Be prepared!Here is a teaser from each of the three games. Enjoy! Salut à tous. C'est aujourd'hui mon premier jour de vacances, et j'en avais vraiment besoin, car... [Lire la suite]
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13 avril 2010

Vorwärts Grenadiere!

I've been rebasing my ww2 german army since sunday afternoon. At first, I played Flames of war, and I based my units accordingly. But then, I discovered Blitzkrieg. Although basing now is less important than in FOW, I thought I had to do it. For example, a company in Blitzkrieg is modelized with 10 bases, 6 bases of 3 minis (the troops), and 4 command bases of 4 minis (NCO, CiC and attached troops), for a total of 34 miniatures, about the same size as a FOW platoon. So I had more than enough miniatures to play, except... I needed a... [Lire la suite]
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22 janvier 2010

Very fast painting: Churchills

Tonight, I propose a big game for our Normandy campaign. This time, it will be in the British sector. However, the guy whom I needed the most, Jean-Marie, has sold the things I wanted, his churchill tanks. Dang. Ok, no panic, since I have a stock of unpainted ones. I had indeed bought 5 of them a while ago, undercoated them but never got further. So, after a moment spent looking for them, I began my paint job yesterday evening.Ce soir, je fais jouer un gros scénario sur la campagne de Normandie, dans le secteur anglais. Cependant,... [Lire la suite]
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29 novembre 2009

[Blitzkrieg] Battle for Cotentin

The 1944 Normandy Campaign is still going on, this time one the American sector. Voici la suite de la campagne Normandie.While the English army was badly beaten near Villers-Bocage, The American troops from the 9th ID and the 70th Tank Battalion had to break through the Cotentin Peninsula to cut the German in Cherbourg off the rest of the German army. Pendant que les Anglais se faisaient étriller du côté de Villers-Bocage, les Américains de la 9e division d'infanterie, appuyés par des chars du 70th tank battalion, avaient pour... [Lire la suite]
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20 novembre 2009

[Blitzkrieg] Deadly Villers...

We played the second turn of the Normandy campaign. The first scenario was located near... Villers-Bocage. Nous avons joué le deuxième tour de la campagne Normandie. Deux tables ont été préparées pour l'occasion. Aujourd'hui, nous allons revenir sur une bataille des plus célèbres... Villers-Bocage. Even though the landings weren't as effective as planned, the British troops were strong enough to launch an attack: the 7th armored, the 50th infantry division and elements from the 79th brigade were ordered to attack in the West of... [Lire la suite]
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11 novembre 2009

239th "heavy" troopers

If the EPEC security isn't enough to protect the colonists, there is a solution: the troopers from the 239th infantry division:Si les gardes de sécurité de l'EPEC ne suffisent pas à rétablir l'ordre, alors les colons peuvent faire appel eux troupes de la 239e division d'infanterie: It seems the beta-3 colony is a quiet place. Sometimes, the troopers have to fight off a raider's attack, once in a while. Otherwise, it's very quiet.....Bon, il faut bien avouer que c'est une affectation plutôt pépère, avec seulement, de temps en... [Lire la suite]
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05 novembre 2009

Security please!

The archeological expedition is gone for a short trip. It's now time to learn a bit more about the security in the new planet.The first level of security is represented by the EPEC security teams. EPEC means Extra-Planetary Expeditions and Colonization.They were a red uniform. Oh they're not that dangerous, but it's enough for most of the cases...Le premier échelon de sécurité sur la planète est assurée par les équipes de sécurité de l'EPEC, qui signifie Etra-Planetary Expeditions and Colonization. ils sont aisément reconnaissables à... [Lire la suite]
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03 novembre 2009

European archeological expedition

Near the Beta-3 colony, something out of the ordinary was found. some say it's from alien origin. So, the European Federation has sent a team of eminent archeologists to try to find out, before the Pan-American Union sends a team.Des rapports ont mentionnés la découverte d'un lieu pour le moins extraodinaire, proche de la colonie Beta-3. A priori, ce serait d'origine alien. La fédération européenne a aussitôt envoyé une équipe de spécialistes, avant que l'Union Pan-Américaine n'en fasse autant.This team is led by Marina Crafty, from... [Lire la suite]
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30 octobre 2009

[WIP] Beta-3 Colony

Like I said yesterday, i'm onto a new project. As the title suggests, it will be about sci-fi skirmish. I have the minis, but I need buildings. So, I ordered sci-fi bits from Ground zero games, plus things from my trash can. I soon will be a master chief in recycling. Here is what I've done, for now.Zou, je commence un nouveau projet, orienté science-fiction cette fois-ci. J'ai peut-être plein de figs Ground Zero games, mais il me faut des batiments. donc, en regardant ce que j'ai dans ma poubelle (vive le recyclage), plus quelques... [Lire la suite]
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