30 octobre 2009

[WIP] Beta-3 Colony

Like I said yesterday, i'm onto a new project. As the title suggests, it will be about sci-fi skirmish. I have the minis, but I need buildings. So, I ordered sci-fi bits from Ground zero games, plus things from my trash can. I soon will be a master chief in recycling. Here is what I've done, for now.Zou, je commence un nouveau projet, orienté science-fiction cette fois-ci. J'ai peut-être plein de figs Ground Zero games, mais il me faut des batiments. donc, en regardant ce que j'ai dans ma poubelle (vive le recyclage), plus quelques... [Lire la suite]
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29 octobre 2009

Pro gloria et Patria

At last, the prussian army is finished. I alerady delivered part of it in july, but now, my friend is going to get the rest: 12 units and the officers. That's a lot of lead, trust me guys. Et voilà. L'armée prussienne de JBB est maintenant terminée, et croyez-moi, ça fait du monde. First, the generals:Tout d'abord, les généraux:Next, the cavalry units:- the 3rd cuirassiers, or Leib-GardeLes Leib Garde, très belle unité de cuirassiers.- the 2nd dragoon, or von Blanckensee:Le 2e dragons, von Blanckensee- the 11th Dragoon, von... [Lire la suite]
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28 octobre 2009

[WIP] The last of the Prussians

At last, the painting phase is finished, with the last 2 musketeer units:So, to finish this commission, I just have to base the units, and voila! I should finish them tomorrow, and deliver the army friday night. the root beer will flow! Yay!Bon, l'armée prussienne est pratiquement terminée. Les deux dernières unités sont peintes, et j'en aiprofité pour commencer le soclage. Si je continue ainsi, demain, tout est terminé, et je ferai la livraison vendredi soir.Ce projet étant terminé, il set temps d'en débuter un autre:One project... [Lire la suite]
27 octobre 2009

[WIP] Les Prussiens bientôt en ordre de marche

It's been a week since my last update. Well, I was busy, and I learned I would be "inspected" in two weeks. So, a bit of stress actually.Anyway. I've almost finished painting the Prussian army. Today, I varnished the 3 cavalry units: Salut à tous. Presque une semaine sans poster, quelle honte de ma part. Je devrais me cacher tiens. Mais bon, j'étais un poil occupé par ma vie privée, et j'ai appris que j'étais inspecté dans 2 semaines. Pour info, c'est ma première inspection, alors je stresse un peu. Mais comme ce sont... [Lire la suite]
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20 octobre 2009

Blogurizine n°6

Yes! Blogurizine n°6 is just out. Ok, it's in french, but it is a free e-zine about miniatures gaming. I didn't contribute this time, too much work, and not enough ideas. This issue is ful of goodies. Enjoy guys! Au sommaire de ce nouveau numéro, plein de goodies :Découverte- Warlands, le retour de Mad Max- Malifaux, le jeu !- Okko, l'ère de KARASU- Jeux d'histoire avec figurines : le B. A. BA- Interview Mortebrume : Lutin, créateur du jeu- Interview Mortebrume : Vladd Jünger, sculpteurRègle maison- Combat Worms, règles... [Lire la suite]
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18 octobre 2009

[TEST] Force on force- Trench warfare

After a time simply reading the reviews and the after actions reports, I bought Force on Force, from Ambush Alley games. Last Friday, we had a go at the system, with the minis at our disposal. It would be a WW1 encounter fight. The scenario wis simple, and inspired by the first one from the rulebook.A french patrol with an artillery observor had to go through 3 points,  while a german made its way to the trench. We didn't really care at first about cover or numbers, because we wanted to test the game's mecanism.Ca faisait un... [Lire la suite]
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16 octobre 2009

[AAR] Bloody D-Day

Last week we started our Normandy campaign, with a grand opening: a landing AND a para fight. The scenarios were 1/ Gold Beach , Jig sector, and the battle around Ste-Marie du Mont.Pour inaugurer la campagne Normandie, nous avons joué deux scénarios: Gold Beach, et les combats autour de Ste Marie du Mont.Let's start with the landing. After the preleminary bombardment, the "german" garrison, comprised of 2 georgian companies, were pinned down. The first landing approched, with 2 british rifles companies from the 251st... [Lire la suite]
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11 octobre 2009

[AAR] Pyrrhus à Clichy- dimanche

I had two battles fought on Sunday at the Clichy Tournament; the first against an Ostrogoth army, then against the might of Rome.   So, first battle: I thought my army was big (23 units). But my ennemies were many, many more (27 units). Ouch... How to destroy such a numerous army, full of impetous units, led by Alain Buffet, who like to destroy phalanxes and peltats... Fortunately for me, I had elefants. Le dimanche, j'affronte Alain Buffet et sa masse d'Ostrogoths... tous impetueux ou presque. Argh. Et avec une... [Lire la suite]
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09 octobre 2009

[WIP] D-Day, H minus 3

Ok, my troops are ready to land tonight! I've just finished flocking the bases, and the game start at 8pm. they will fight for Gold Beach, in the Jig sector, with the support of the 47th Royal Marines commando! Yay! They should fight against poor Georgians. Ah, an easy target... I hope so... We will play with Blitzkrieg, a french set of rules, quite similar to Squad Leader. I'll post the After Action Report soon, I promise.Dans 3 heures, toutes ces troupes vont débarquer... A Gold Beach, secteur Jig, avec l'aide du 47e Royal Marines... [Lire la suite]
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07 octobre 2009

[WIP] D-Day -2

Friday night, I will officially launch a Normandy campaign in my club. The first big scenario is... a landing, on the British side. I already have a company and tanks, but I needed an other one. Well, the task is almost done: the paintig phase is over for my infantry, and I just need to add some detailing (maybe some weathering too if I have the time to do it) to my "heavy" units.18 infantry bases (including the supports). Now, everything they need is a coat of varnish and some flocking...Et voilà. A deux jours du gros... [Lire la suite]
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